Kayaks and the Different Types of Kayaks

Kayaks allow people travel in water using their strength and energy with no motor power. As such they offer an excellent way to exercise and explore new waters. Kayaks serve different purposes such as recreational use, sporting, and adventurous paddling. In sports, they are used for speed racing and performing tricks in running water. If you are an enthusiast, here are some types of kayaks that you can check. All kayak types find different uses with the various advantages over the others.

Recreational Kayak

Recreational kayaks are the most common and suited for entry level paddlers. They are suitable for calm paddling, fishing, and photography in calm waters away from strong ocean currents and waves. The cockpit is relatively large to facilitate easy entry and exit. The wider beam (69-91cm) improves the stability of the kayak that has less than 3.7m long with limited cargo capacity. They are the cheapest in the market thanks to their cheap material and limited options. The downside to the recreational kayaks is that they do not perform well in the sea.

Touring and Sea Kayaks

The design can accommodate one, two or three paddlers. They are more maneuverable with a large cargo capacity and stability. Sea kayaks have a longer waterline, and they provide cargo storage below the deck. There are two variants of sea kayaks;

  • Strip-built

This kayak resembles the rigid fiberglass boat but relatively lighter.

  • Sit-on-top kayaks

These are mainly used for fishing and diving. They typically accommodate one or two paddlers but have model variants that accommodate three or even four paddlers. The seat of these kayaks is usually above the water level raising the center of gravity. These kayaks are wider and slower than their traditional counterparts so that they cater for the instability caused by the elevated center of gravity.

Whitewater kayaks

These kayaks are smaller when compared to other kayaks. Whitewater kayaks are made of polyethylene whose rigid structure allows the kayak to withstand the rapid moving water. They feature a plastic hull that allows the kayaks to bounce off rocky surfaces without leaking. The kayaks are relatively small ranging from six to ten feet. The small size improves maneuverability by slow the kayak. Whitewater kayaks rely on river current to propel them forward. There are two variants of the whitewater;

  • Playboat

The playboat is short and features a scooped bow with round stern. The playboat is highly maneuverable but not fast and stable. They are suitable for performing tricks in rivers.

  • Creekboat

Kayakers primarily use them in running waterways that are narrow with low water volume. Creekboats are longer with more volume than playboats. These features improve their stability and floating.

Flatwater sprint

They are suitable for racing in calm water. Paddlers sit facing ahead and use a double-bladed paddle that pulls the blade through water on either side propelling the kayak forward.  

Surf ski

The surf ski stretches up to 6.4 meters in length and 46cm in width. Consequently, paddlers need excellent balancing and paddling skills. Also known as surf kayaks, these kayaks feature an open cockpit. Kayakers use surf ski primarily for racing.  


Slalom kayaks have a flat hull with low profile decks. They offer great stability and maneuverability. However, they are not that fast in straight line.  

Inflatable kayak

Owners can easily transport inflatables using carry bags. Manufacturers use different materials such as nytrylon, Hypalon, PVC or polyurethane coated cloth. Inflatable kayaks come with foot, hand or electric pump. Other names for inflatable kayaks include duckies and IKs.

Many inflatables lack rigidity and have pointed rafts. These features make them suitable for use on calm waters. However, the sophisticated inflatable kayaks are hardy and appropriate for use in the sea. The major attraction of these kayaks is the portability and durability. They are very stable and easy to master. Their ruggedness in water allows them to bounce off hard surfaces instead of breaking. Some models of the duckies require more paddling effort and are relatively slower compared to the traditional boats.  

Pedal Kayak

Instead of a paddle, this kayak feature pedals that a person uses to rotate propellers or underwater flippers. Therefore, kayakers use their feet rather than hands to move the kayak.

Innovation in the Internet world

We live in a time of digital boom where innovations regarding internet pop-up on a monthly basis. Now, inexperienced people would think that the creation of new ideas, and the whole process of development, are easy and thus new apps, software and technologies arrive on the markets so fast.
And some of them get strange ideas that they could make big money in this easy way. But, when they go online and start searching sources that could lead to new inventions they find that it’s not as easy as they thought and they give up on their plan.

How innovation process works

An idea can come from an individual or in some cases from a group, but that is just an idea that might or might not survive the process of elimination. This process involves a lot of research into the possibility of turning that idea into innovation and discussion on whether the product can attract people (a product that isn’t useful to people will bring nothing to the group that came up with it), or not.
This process is riddled with failures, and that is normal. Failures are there to show the downsides of the innovation. Every failure and every obstacle refines the idea and gives valuable feedback to people that work on it.

No group will work only on one portfolio because the majority of paths they take will end up in failure. A successful innovation company will work on several different portfolios at the same time. They will also pursue different versions of the same portfolio to maximize the possibility of success.

Insight and Research

The successful innovation can’t come to life without research and insight into the industry.
Having an employee who has the insight into the sector is a key for successful innovation and the product that sells. In the case of web development, it’s crucial to have an experienced web developer in the team. They will be able to provide input about things that are required and all other small details that can make or break an idea.

The research is the crucial part of the whole innovation process as it exposes the flaws of the portfolio. The research is constantly active until the product sees the light of the day. The research brings in the ideas, and it shoots down some thoughts and brings in info that changes the way the idea is developing.

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Protection of stocks from online threats

The stock market, like all other markets, is an online market as of a decade ago. The internet isn’t a safe place for money transfers, as we all know, and therefore the security of the stocks is something that no one can guarantee. The internet also brought the expansion of said market, and that caused the need for better security of the trading and the shares that enter the market.

Insurance of the shares through GDR and ADR

GDR aka global depository receipt represents the certificate that a company or individual receives once it sells their shares to a depository bank. An entity that holds this certificate has the ownership of the shares of a company that is stationed in another country. They can use the GDR to invest in markets (companies) in less developed countries (companies that they believe will grow in the future). ADR aka American depository receipt is the original form of this certificate and GDR is just its global equivalent.
Being in possession of GDR can help the entity if the market suffers from the hack-attack and the shares are lost. They can request the return of their investment if the shares disappear.

Online protection through two-factor authentication

This type of protection requires full round-of-clock department that exists for the protection of the data. It represents the use of mobile device authentication along with the email or another kind of security requirement.
But, what does this mean, you may ask? It means that the protection has two layers, one that is based on software and another that requires hardware. The software requirement involves the use of username or email and a password. This is a first step in the authentication process. The second step requires the use of a mobile device and a number. The individual that wants the access to the site receives the code (on mail or possible via SMS) which they have to type either on the login page or to send to a predetermined number via free SMS.

Conclusion – Internet protection is a cornerstone of online business

The Internet is a medium for many business transactions that involve hundreds of thousands of dollars (in some cases even millions), and therefore high-tier protection of the medium is necessary to create a healthy and secure business environment. The owner of the site that acts as a medium has to protect the transactions that go through them, with several layers of protection, to ensure that nothing happens with the money in the transit.

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