data analysis

Data Analysis Aid the Feds in Medical D Violations

Data gathering is perhaps one of today’s most useful processes. And similar to all things useful there will be entities out there who will use it for illicit activities. Given that this is the case, the procedure is still quite the tool for a lot of people who are using it legally. Read More

freedom act

The Freedom Act: An American Milestone

Today, we’re going to stray slightly off our usual topic and talk about the latest milestone the U.S. has achieved recently.

Data gathering, a topic that outraged the masses since Edward Snowden revealed thousands of documents about NSA’s nefarious activities. The revelation paved the way to the newly passed bill, The Freedom Act, which is designed to counter the Patriot Act’s Section 215 – the part which allowed the NSA to seize business files and gather massive bulk of phone records. Read More

securing data and networks

Securing Data – Guarding Your Network from Unwanted Attacks

Information security risk is a big risk in modern times. Learn how to keep the office and networks safe from intruders.

Information security and risk management are the single biggest needs any business has besides profits. So many businesses are being broken into, hacked by thieves and become victims of ID fraud, themselves. Information is stolen and exploited and bank accounts get drained. Read More


The Link That Binds eCommerce and Information Technology

Information technology, or IT, is the study, conception, creation, application, support, and administration of computer-based information systems, especially software applications and computer hardware. IT is not only constrained to computers; with technologies quickly developing in the fields of handheld devices, the influence of IT is moving in a fast phase from an isolated computer- founded courses to other forms of mobile technology. Read More

Cloud Silver Lining

Finding the Silver Lining in Cloud Computing

What really is cloud computing, and why are companies of different sizes and shapes adapting to this new technology?

A cloud refers to a unique information technology environment that is formulated to deploy groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources. It is said that the symbol of a cloud represents the Internet in various specifications and architectures. IT resources provided by cloud environments are committed to providing back-end processing and user-based entrance. Read More

process control systems

The Need for Sensors for All Types of Process Control Measurements

There are few prevalent technologies for level measurement. Each technology is based on distinctive methods and present different challenges.

Level measurement is a requirement in many industries, especially those that deal with liquid substances that necessitate such control measures which are crucial to the smooth running of the particular industrial process. Accommodations have to be made for potential changes in temperature and pressure due to climatic fluctuations and considerations have to be for their effect on the density and volume of the liquid being measured. Read More

internet of things

Concerns Regarding Internet of Things

While there are those who have a sanguine view regarding the Internet of Things – huge data collection, real-time analysis of ebb and flow of the market economy – there are those who feel threatened by it. And they have every right to be.

While the IoT indeed has its significant importance in driving the economy forward, like decreasing the risks that business owners take, there is also the concern of security that revolves around it. Read More

data exchange

Understanding IoT and its Effect with Data Engineering

In the previous post (Staying Ahead of the Competition through Data Engineering) we have briefly bump into an important topic, and that is the Internet of Things (IoT).

To start things off, what is exactly is this IoT?

Put it shortly, IoT is a plethora of objects embedded with software and sensors capable of exchanging data with its manufacturer and other smart devices. The data is sent to a network along with the other information that is being directed by other objects embedded by the same software and sensors. These sensors will allow the object to be observed in real time, providing information on that specific object relevant to whatever data is needed at a certain time. Read More

data engineering

Staying Ahead of the Competition through Data Engineering

Data is everything. Business owners, big and small, have been using these data as foundation for their marketing strategy – and for a good reason. Data never lies. Information is critical in identifying human behaviors, behaviors that can potentially yield a lucrative amount of money if gathered, sifted, analyzed, and implemented properly by companies that use them.

However, it is quite the challenge to find reliable information through the large chunk of information that is usually gathered. This is where professionals in data engineering come in. To put it shortly, data engineers are people that build, design, and manage infrastructures that will help in identifying useful data in a way that can benefit a business. Read More