Staying Ahead of the Competition through Data Engineering

data engineering

Data is everything. Business owners, big and small, have been using these data as foundation for their marketing strategy – and for a good reason. Data never lies. Information is critical in identifying human behaviors, behaviors that can potentially yield a lucrative amount of money if gathered, sifted, analyzed, and implemented properly by companies that use them.

However, it is quite the challenge to find reliable information through the large chunk of information that is usually gathered. This is where professionals in data engineering come in. To put it shortly, data engineers are people that build, design, and manage infrastructures that will help in identifying useful data in a way that can benefit a business.

But even with the help of these professionals there’s still a much larger problem. And that is that data engineering alone isn’t enough to transform mountainous data into useful marketing tactics.

Internet of Things (IoT), the inter-connectivity of devices within the web, is one of the cornerstones that business owners lean to when they’re out finding what is the rising trend in a certain niche of consumers. And it is one of the reasons for the innovation and evolution of data gathering.

This new breed of data engineering technology has been developed by companies to get ahead of the competition and to further understand the market’s ever-changing progress.

Here are four of them:

“Trifacta’s data transformation tools are designed to help simplify the data engineer’s job of culling relevant data from a number of different sources,” said its co-founder and chief technical officer Sean Kendel. This company practically holds its customer’s hand by taking them from a point of cluttered data to clean and sifted one which are easily absorbed by those wanting to find information about a certain product.

This is the first ever software that can create and run applications in the virtual world that provides assimilated and pre-architected solution ranging from connectivity, analytics, and data storage. The CEO of ThingWorx, Russ Fadel thinks that “there is nothing new” with regards to using and gathering data to improve things. However, what’s new and getting more complicated about these things is that these are “now web-enabled to take better advantage of the IoT”. Developers need to come up with applications that are more intuitive as they collect, manipulate, analyze and interact with information.

Zebra Technologies
“At Zebra we have been developing the building blocks of today’s IoT technology for over 40 years and are in a strong position to take advantage of the growing need for the connected enterprise,” said, Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra Technologies.

Primarily known for tagging items with bar codes, the company has evolved to adapting IoT, offering useful information in real-time through data tracking and capturing.

Suited for the above mentioned ever-changing movement of IoT, Attunity provides a unique flow of data without making breakable codes that should be maintained. “This enables companies to benefit from higher visibility, improved efficiencies, proactive maintenance and operations, as well as lower cost through predictive failures, timely repairs and increased safety. With Attunity, it is possible to enable real-time data delivery for faster, better business insights and more sustainable sources of competitive advantage.”

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