The Need for Sensors for All Types of Process Control Measurements

process control systems

There are few prevalent technologies for level measurement. Each technology is based on distinctive methods and present different challenges.

Level measurement is a requirement in many industries, especially those that deal with liquid substances that necessitate such control measures which are crucial to the smooth running of the particular industrial process. Accommodations have to be made for potential changes in temperature and pressure due to climatic fluctuations and considerations have to be for their effect on the density and volume of the liquid being measured.

Magnetostrictive level measurement

In this kind of level measurement device a magnetic sensor is buoyant on the surface of the liquid substance inside a stem which has a magnetostrictive wire attached to it for measurement. These devices are often used in containers traveling in ships and are worked upon on the basis of the gravity working on the particular liquid. The only thing one has to worry about and to consider is the material of the sensor depending on the density of the liquid for which the level measurement is being done.

Resistive chain level measurement sensors

This works similar to the magnetistrictive sensors but the level measurement is done by recording the resistance shown by the sensor when the switch is closed inside the stem which contains the permanent magnetic sensor that floats on the surface of the liquid. This resistance is then converted into voltage that is proportionate to the liquid level.

Marine industries, food processing units, waste management organizations, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries use this type of level measurement device.

Hydrostatic pressure sensors

These are bars that are submerged into the liquid for which the level is to be measured. Depending on the density of the liquid and the gravitational pull, the calibrations on these sensors measure the depth of the liquid in the container. Compatibility between the materials with which the pressure bars are made and the liquid being measured is of crucial importance.

Air bubbler

This is the most easy to understand method of maintaining level measurement of a liquid. A tube is immersed till one end of it is just below the surface of the liquid. This end has an opening and a constant flow of air is maintained through it. The pressure inside the tube is counteracted upon by the density of the liquid being measured. Any change in its level will have an effect on the calibrations on the side of this tube. There are other devices in the market such as solid level indicators and liquid level sensors.

In data engineering, measurements can be acquired using a data logging system. However, these technologies are still under development. For whatever it’s worth, what’s important is that our present challenge in data measurement and analysis by improving how Internet is distributed should be within our reach. It’s only a matter of time that an appropriate solution will sprout when the need arises.

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